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More than five years ago, the fastest supercomputers were just a collection of individual CPUs that could be found in your average high-end Sun or IBM server. But then computer scientists began marrying GPUs to these collections and the result was a new breed of hybrid supercomputer. This week SoftLayer has taken things to the next level with a hosted service that runs on a hybrid GPU/CPU stack. You can read more in my article that was posted on Tom’s IT Pro here. ... (more)

A New Medical Journal Search Tool from DeepDyve

A new search site is in beta called DeepDyve that has some promise. First, they claim that they index millions of medical papers from paid journals and free sites. The problem in the past is that this content wasn’t too readily available. Yes, there is Medline, but not a very user-friendly tool. Second, getting copies of the papers to read has never been easy, particularly for those of us in the lay community that don’t have medical center accounts or access to medical libraries. This is where DeepDyve comes in. They charge a buck to rent the paper for 24 hours. You can get other... (more)

Is Google the Next Evil Empire?

Google Session at Cloud Expo The news last week that Italian authorities have convicted three Google executives with criminal privacy violations got my attention for two reasons. One, the charges are based on a video that shows an autistic boy being bullied, a video that Google did not create or post. It was filmed by cell cameras and posted more than three years ago, and indeed one of the executives has since retired from Google. Two, none of the three live or work in Italy, and a fourth executive – a product manager – was acquitted. We truly live in a global village, and one in... (more)

The Joys of Geocaching, Book Review

You would think I would be all over Geocaching – the hobby that involves searching for hidden treasure caches around the world by using a combination of your own wits, a portable GPS receiver, and a lot of persistence. It involves solving puzzles and rather obscure clues to find the caches, check. And hiking in the great outdoors, check. It has a Web 2.0 component, with the site geocaching.com that keeps track of caches and finds, check. But for some reason geocaching has passed me by. Maybe it is because I just spend too much time doing geeky things already. Don’t really know, bu... (more)

The Next PDF You Open May Be Your Last

You know by now not to open unexpected email attachments, but what if someone that appears legit sends you a PDF? How harmful can it be? As it turns out, very. This week a harmless-looking invitation to a Nobel Prize ceremony was a nasty piece of business indeed. When saved to a hard drive and opened, it sets up a backdoor so that the bad guys can take over your PC at will, all while you think nothing is going on. What is troubling is that this isn’t new. This PDF exploit has been around for several years, yet it seems that it doesn’t get much attention from the general public. ... (more)